3D Scanning

3D Scanning

Digital images may be taken of your teeth and jaws to ensure you receive the best treatment plan possible. Three-dimensional (3D) scanning results in detailed and high-quality images and provides important information for your oral surgeon. 3D scanning is typically conducted during your first appointment.

At Bonita Medical Center, we tailor every treatment plan to best suit each patient. Your anatomy and condition can be best assessed with the aid of 3D scanning technology. This ensures that your anatomy and condition are viewed from many angles for a more precise and efficient procedure.

3D Scanning Benefits

3D technology allows your oral surgeon to view your facial structure and condition to create the best treatment possible. With these detailed digital images, your oral surgeon can map the ideal path for oral surgery procedures such as dental implant placement.

Benefits of 3D scanning include

  • Less risk of surprises and complications during the procedure
  • Ability to view high-resolution images of your unique facial structure from every angle
  • Reduced radiation exposure
  • Images are easy to share with your dentist

3D Scans in Santa Fe, NM

Our patients can expect to feel safe, comfortable, and informed at Bonita Medical Center. As qualified and experienced healthcare professionals, we do everything we can to ensure we exceed our patients’ expectations and provide the highest quality of care. We utilize 3D scanning technology to ensure the best result possible.