Full-Arch Restoration

Full-Arch Restoration

Patients who desire a comfortable and permanent option to restore their missing or failing teeth may benefit from a full-arch restoration procedure. Full-arch restoration is ideal for patients with severe tooth loss and are looking to restore an entire arch of teeth at once. Full-arch restoration is a popular tooth restoration option because it combines the strength and durability of dental implants with the convenience of replacing multiple teeth at the same time.

What is full-arch restoration?

An entire upper or lower arch of teeth can be completely restored with a full-arch restoration. Patients can experience a whole new smile in as little as one procedure. Get ready to eat, speak, and smile with confidence again!

The full-arch restoration procedure works by replacing an entire arch of teeth utilizing dental implants placed into the upper or lower arch to anchor the restoration. At first, a temporary but fixed set of teeth are placed to allow the dental implants to heal. Once there has been enough healing, your permanent arch of custom-made teeth is placed.

Patients who opt for the full-arch restoration procedure typically undergo IV sedation for the most comfortable experience. Please visit our Anesthesia page to learn about the anesthesia and sedation options we offer at our practice.

There are many benefits to full-arch restoration, including

  • Permanent tooth loss solution. Using dental implants to support an entire upper or lower arch of teeth, full-arch restoration is a secure and permanent option.
  • Instant new smile. Patients can enjoy a brand-new smile on the same day of their procedure, even during the healing period!
  • Faster recovery. Your oral surgeon will carefully place each implant into the upper or lower jaw to optimize their position. Because only a few dental implant posts are used, additional procedures are often avoided or significantly reduced.
  • Preserved bone health. Dental implants replace an entire tooth, root and all. This placement stimulates the bone underneath to prevent bone loss.
  • Low maintenance. Caring for your new teeth after the full-arch restoration process is easy — just brush and floss like natural teeth.
  • Positive self-image. Many patients who suffer tooth loss also experience low self-esteem. A full-arch restoration can help boost your confidence because your teeth will look and function like natural teeth.

Full-Arch Restoration in Santa Fe, NM

A full-arch restoration is ideal for patients who have multiple missing or failing teeth. We encourage you to contact our office in Santa Fe, NM, to schedule a consultation with Dr. Schow. During your consultation, your oral surgeon will determine if full-arch restoration is the right solution and will provide a detailed treatment plan.